Papers & Publications

This page contains links to papers and publications with which I've had involvement or are applicable to my work. If you find them useful, please let me know!

You might also find papers listed here useful or interesting.

External Polymorphism (Postscript) (PDF)
This pattern allows C++ classes unrelated by inheritance and/or having no virtual methods to be treated polymorphically. These unrelated classes can be treated in a common manner by software that uses them. (Please note that the HTML version is longer than the Postscript or PDF versions, which have been pared down for publication in the forthcoming PLoPD3 book.)

Applying Patterns to Develop Extensible and Maintainable ORB Middleware (Postscript) (PDF)
This article presents a case study of key design patterns needed to develop ORBs that can be dynamically configured and evolved for specific application requirements and system characteristics and quantifies the impact of applying patterns to reduce the complexity and improve the maintainability of common ORB tasks.

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