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Nothing fancy here...just a list of the available documents.

Rescue a Michigan Salvage Yard XR

An SVO owner wrote to me to tell me of this XR. Follow the link to see it and get contact information.

European Scorpio Spotting!

In the apartment complex in which I'm staying while in Ireland, I spotted an '87 European Scorpio in the car park. Now, the Scorpio is not a common car in the Republic, but it's also not uncommon. This one, however, was special.

No, it wasn't a Cosworth. But it was a 2.8L or 2.9L engine, rather than the more mundane 2.0L or 1.8L versions more commonly seen. In addition to that, it has Ford OE RS body moldings, which you can see in the side shot and, if you look carefully at the the front shot, you can make out the relief RS insiginia in the middle of the front airdam.

The rear is intriguing as well, because it has a spoiler, but not one like we have in the US. Also, it does not have the "wall of reflectors" found on the US-spec vehicles. Of course, if it had the wall of reflectors, then there'd be no room to put the registration plate.

A few other points of interest...when I peeked underneath the front end of the car and the side of the car and was surprised by something I saw: dual exhausts! Also, there was no catalytic converter on this puppy. The manifold comes down from each side and goes all the way back to the first muffler, which has two inlets. From there on back is the same as the US Scorpio. Hmmm...what were the other things? Ahhh, yes--it's got a trailer hitch on it, and it's an automatic.

The pictures:

Carlisle Documents

Scorpio ABS Info

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