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Background Info
St. Louis is my hometown. And, though I don't suffer from any delusion that it's the greatest place in the world, but I've always seemed to find my way back after living somewhere else (whether permanently or temporarily).

One of the times that I fled St. Louis (yes, fled is the appropriate term, too) was when I went to New Orleans for college. There, I graduated from Tulane University with a degree in Computer Engineering and got a great education not only academically but also in life.

Technical Interests
My work has ranged from healthcare to manufacturing automation to the financial industry. I have worked most often as a consultant to projects utilizing large-scale distributed systems, e.g., Iridium. My primary interests are


After almost 4 years of dealing with ACE, I'm starting to try to collect some of my knowledge in some ad-hoc documentation. Here's what I've got thus far:
I live in St. Louis, which is an old city, and I recently had cause to be looking at the City Code. You wouldn't believe some of the laws that I found on the books! For example:

I also have a keen interest in automobiles and cycling. I have a V70RAWD and a Volvo 855T (Turbo Wagon). If you share any of the above interests and think I ought to know something that you know, please don't hesitate to send mail to me using (in order of preference) MIME, POA (plain ole' ASCII), or NeXTMail.

Interestingly enough, in talking over these interests with a co-worker we were contemplating the relationship of turbocharging an engine and determining an equivalent normally-aspirated displacement. Like a comet hurtling through space and colliding with the earth,

P V = n R T
came to me. Of course, I couldn't remember what R was, so I went to the Internet and searched. Lo, and behold, you too can now visit the Behavior of Gases web site.
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